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Welcome to Saving America’s Freedom home page. This website is dedicated to restoring America’s freedom by challenging “grassroots America,” people like you and me, to take the offensive against our nation’s cultural immorality, against a flawed philosophy of education that has resulted in a dumbed-down society, and against a tyrannical government.

If we are to be victorious in restoring our personal freedoms that have been systematically stolen from us over the past century, it will take a grassroots movement of the little people, like you and me, to stand up and say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

This site will provide information through which we can gain the needed knowledge to develop goals and strategies to take back what political progressivism has taken from us, namely, FREEDOM.

Why the emphasis on morality and education? A century ago, an attack began on this nation’s moral culture. About that same time, a separate attack began on the philosophy of education that has resulted in the dumbing-down of the mass of citizens of this nation. Another attack upon our Constitution began around that same period of time. Gradually and systematically, the moral fiber of our nation degenerated into a five generation slide away from the absolute truths of God’s Holy Word, the Judeo-Christian Bible. Gradually and systematically, aided by the moral slide, a five generation slide has eroded our system of public education by altering the philosophy of education. Again, around one century ago, a five generation slide began to gradually and systematically erode our Constitution so that today’s end result is a tyrannical government that is making our citizenry slaves to a government that has grossly exceeded its constitutional authority.


WILL YOU JOIN ME (US) IN THIS OFFENSIVE. If so, e-mail me at brettell@sbcglobal.net and say, “I’m with you,” and keep in contact through this website as goals and strategies are developed! You have a part to play in restoring our moral fiber, our education system, and our constitutional freedom.


Dr. Jim Brettell

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  1. Thanks for establishing this great new site, Dr. Jim, and for working so hard to re-establish the Constitutional Republic for which we are supposed to stand.

  2. Let me be the first to post a comment. I pray that this website will go viral. It will if you will assist. Send the link to your list And friends. Thank you and God bless you and America.

    1. I look forward to your interview with John Darash this morning. His three hour plus presentation last night was Godly in every way, and I know your listeners today will get an earful; medicine for the soul and hope for their future. Let us join forces and share listener-ship. If you did not hear last night’s show, just go the the nationallibertyalliance.com webpage and click on MONDAY CALL, then scroll down that page for the 1/27/14 show and give a listen.

  3. I am with you all the way to the end, Dr. Jim. Thirty years ago when I met you, you explained to me that it would feel like a ships passing in the night……….. well 30 years later, it’s ships passing in the night, one man parade, standing alone, (mostly) etc. Each day it is more clear than the day before that we are truely STRANGERS in a foreign land. Thank you for your leadership!

  4. Biblical history records many who warned that rejecting God and His way leads to chaos & destruction. Your efforts in this endeavor puts you in good company, the best company actually. I add my voice to yours and my prayers that your goals will be reached even in the generations to come, should the Lord tarry.

  5. I am with you Dr. Jim! This message needs to go “Viral” so many will know the truth and a movement will start. I pray for it to be successful and for more leaders to come out. At the least we will go down fighting! In Him. Chaplain Steve Haynes

  6. So glad your website is up and running. I stand with you – and our Pastor Mike Smith and the few others who are fighting to restore America’s freedoms.

  7. I, Joyce Blackwood, is ready to be apart of having our America return to letting
    people experience once again the God-given freedom that is for ALL PEOPLES,
    not being in the grip of government control of our lives!

  8. “I’m with you” although I’m not an American, but I truly acknowledged the Absolute Truth of GOD’s Word…applies to All!

  9. I’m with you Jim! Obama’s ‘hope and change’ has been like a reverse face lift for America. The ‘usurper n’ chief’ has placed our Constitution, Judeo-Christian values and Bill of rights on his ‘progressive’ crane. He then raised us with his Saul Alinsky lies, several stories high only to slam us dying and bleeding out to the ground.

    Obama and the progressive’s vision is to seek and destroy our freedoms, our moral framework and anything to do with Christianity. He then intends to rewrite our history and build us back up as a Marxist, Communist nation with Islam written all over it.

    I’m a Pastor’s daughter and I love the Lord…even so…Obama and the progressive anti American left can kiss my grits. I will stand with you Jim and real Americans who love God and country until my country is breathing free air again.

    Bring it and we will give it!!!

    Dr. Laurie Roth

  10. I am with you, Dr. Jim. Your words of wisdom, insight and philosophies are always welcomed and appreciated. Blessings to you.

  11. It was good to see you Friday and talk a little about the loss of freedom for which our forefathers fought and died .

    As I mentioned, I took Constitutional Law at UALR, so it really bothers me that the current President apparently never read it, or has his own agenda.

    As he said to the SEIU, “My agenda is your agenda, and your agenda is my agenda”, shouldn’t one be on the alert when the SEIU marched arm in arm with the American Communist Party in California. ( check out Youtube )

    I’m also wondering why our representatives are letting him encroach on their Constitutional authority, but, if we don’t want to bother calling our representatives and voicing our dismay at how things are going in America, how are they to represent us?

    Well, I’ll get off my soapbox, for now, but I will not back down from those who are supposed to govern us by our consent.

  12. We are with you! Dr. Jim, We will stand and be strong together ‘To save America’s Freedom! Eddie, Joyce, Dean and Shane.

  13. Thank you so much Dr. Jim and Pastor Mike Smith for all of your efforts to educate this country on Biblical issues and restore our country and freedom from the disgraceful leadership we are dealing with.

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  15. Dr. Jim,

    We are with you and are grateful to be part of your
    church family. Thank you for your Pastorial
    Leadership and your unfaltering commitment
    to your congregation.

    Faber and Ida

  16. Agree with you 110 percent Dr Jim! Tried to hold a discussion with a co-worker who said he studied the Koran (in high school I guess) where he swore up and down that the Muslim religion was a friendly religion. He said after or short lived talk that he was repulsed by my beliefs on the Koran.

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